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Independent Voices

The Independent

The Independent wanted to explore a new major addition to The new section was to provide a platform for debate on current political issues and other affairs. A mix of hot topics and polarizing points of view, delivered in a sharp and opinionated way. Our task was to design a visual identity and a langauge that could do that. Bold and typographicaly loud with well defined colours, the new langauge had to work accross multiple editorial features and sub sections.

The project was completed in two weeks, and few months later deployed as a part of the We were a team of two, David Goodchild and I. It was a great collaboration effort and a great example of how work can be streamlined within a small team.

Homepage layout
To meet a tight deadline we needed an easy way to produce a variety of layouts. We created a system of modules for editorial features like article snippets or a tiny chart with a tiny "bite" of a data. With a library full of well defined buliding blocks we could easily assemble pages and explore different combinations using wireframes
Bits from the library of modules, here with a new style. Variations on an article snippet as a key feature and the more reactory side of the project

Nothing short of an inspiration to work with. At our initial meeting I laid out some broad principles for us to work to, which they adhered to superbly. The design they generated was extremely energetic, exciting, and unique, and throughout the consultation process both David and Tomek proved courteous, considerate, and highly competent. I would gladly go to them when designing a future website, and recommend that others do so too.

Amol Rajan

Editor of The Independent