Tomasz Kozysa TK

Birthday Words

Oxford Dictionaries

All the best of the responsive web packed up in this little interactive feature for the Oxford Dictionaries. Here, a little peak behind the scenes

One of early explorations of 3D based JS/CSS animatons.
Click the cubes!

Complete feature – a few simple steps

I used the app's engine to generate the cubes for the app's logo

We worked with Tomasz to create an interactive Birthday Words feature that tells you which words entered the English language in the year you were born, and needed a developer who was excellent at both development and design. Tomasz was the perfect person for the job.

Tomasz was a real pleasure to work with. He brought a wealth of initiative, creativity, and skill to the project, and worked quickly and accurately to create a feature that is better than we ever imagined. As well as providing us with excellent design ideas, he added some really great moving features. Thank you very much for your hard work and wonderful ideas, Tomasz!


Marketing Executive, Oxford University Press