Tomasz Kozysa TK

Hi, my name is Tomasz.
I am a freelance designer & developer based in London with over sixteen years of experience in digital design.

I started my professional career in 2001 as a designer and in my first few jobs I designed for both print and, then still early, the internet. In 2005 I moved to London and started working in digital media exclusively. At first for a media agency New Media Maze and then for Yahoo! where I had opportunities to work on global campaigns.

I enjoy a good riddle, a puzzle and before I’m a developer or a designer, I am a problem solver. I am a system thinker, I like to see the big picture and never shy away from constraints and thinking within the box ( thinking outside is overrated ).

My usual workflow is based on tools such as Sketch/Photoshop/Illustrator for any visual and UX aid. GIT, Gulp, Less, Vue.js, vanilla JS and LAMP for coding.

I’m proficient with HTML, CSS and Javascript. My favourite stack is LAMP based API and vue.js for the client, I like making tools and vue is great for UI. I use GIT for version control and aid my work by using preprocessors and task runners.

I’m capable of managing and delivering a project from the brief to the final deployment. I constantly learn and try new technologies, most recently Sound API, Hamoni sync, Vue.js.

In my spare time I write and play music.